Visiting Nürnberg!

This past weekend we embarked upon a trip to Nürnberg (English spelling: Nuremberg).  Nürnberg is only about 1 1/2 hrs. drive north of us, so it was perfect for a Saturday outing.  I also must mention that it was hot!  Friday through Sunday we had sun in southern Germany; it felt amazing, like summer should!  Needless to say, we’re back to rain today. 😛

In Nürnberg there is a lot to see.  It’s an interesting city because while most of it was destroyed by bombing during WWII and rebuilt to be modern, there are still parts that are of the medieval times.  One of the main places Lauren wanted to check out was the “Handwerkerhof.”  The Handwerkerhof is a preserved section of the city that has specialized crafts and hand-created arts such as hand-carved pewter, toys, glass blown objects, etc.  The best part is that it has maintained its old charm.

The entrance to the Handwerkerhof

In the Handwerkerhof


A Serious Tourist Trap--but neat, nonetheless

From the Handwerkerhof (we escaped without purchasing anything!), we headed to the other sites of the city.  Nürnberg has many, many elaborate churches.  Most of the churches suffered significant damage during WWII and have been rebuilt according to their original styles (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque…please don’t ask me which is which).  Some of the original churches were converted to Protestantism during the Reformation.

Lorezkirche--Gothic style, built in the late 13th Century

Lorenzkirche--restored after WWII

Frauenkirche--this church was actually built in the 14th Century to replace a synagogue that had been intentionally torn down

Sebalduskirche--Romanesque combined with Gothic style. This church contains the bones of the patron saint, St. Sebald, who died in Nuremberg before 1070.We really got a kick out of all the fountains in Nürnberg. Not only where there a lot, but they were elaborate and some of them were downright weird! One fountain depicted many different characters. As we got closer, we realized how strange the characters were...Lauren enjoyed this fat lady gorging herself on cake

Around the other side were skeletons strangling each other...

Overall, very strange and ornate

The next fountain we saw was the famous Schöner Brunner (literally, Beautiful Fountain).  The fountain is shaped like a Gothic church spire and has 40 sculptured figures that reflect the view of the Holy Roman Empire–philosophy and the 7 liberal arts; the 4 Evangelists and four Church Fathers; the seven electors and Nine Worthies; and Moses and the 7 prophets.  Within the wrought iron lies a fabled brass ring.  This brass ring is supposed to bring luck to any who touch it.  Unfortunately there were so many tours and tourists around that neither of of us got our hands on it.  It’s okay; we’ve been pretty lucky lately, anyway.

The Beautiful FountainA Close Up of the Beautiful Fountain

After walking around for a few hours, we were hungry!  It was time for us to indulge in some of the famous Nürnberger specialties.  Well, it’s no surprise that another city special involves Bratwurst.  The Nürnberger, however, is so specific to Nürnberg that if other places serve it, they have to change the name.  Really, though, it’s pretty simple and quite delicious.  So for two Euros each, we got these:

The Nürnberger--3 small sausages in a roll

We also picked up some fresh Lebkuchen from a stand at the outdoor market.  Lebkuchen is a delicious gingerbread cake that Nürnberg is also famous for and is especially popular throughout their Christmas markets.  We brought that home to enjoy.
The last sites of the day were also neat.  We visited the beautiful castle and enjoyed the view down over the city…

Castle Nuremberg

Inside the Castle Grounds

Royalty in the Castle?

Castle Tunnel

We saw the Executioner’s House.  Because this job was necessary but thought of to be evil, the Executioner lived in a house over the river where he was generally isolated from society.  We really wanted to go down in the dungeons and cellars of Nürnberg, but you can only have admittance with a guided tour–unfortunately all the tours are in German, and we’re just not that good yet. 🙂

The Executioner's House

Executioner's House

We finished our day with dinner at the LiteraturHaus Cafe.  Nürnberg is really a beautiful city, and we can’t wait to go back to the Christmas Markets!

Russ in Nürnberg

Russ and Lauren at Castle Nürnberg

More pictures:

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kristi on August 24, 2010 at 4:59 am

    Sounds like lots of fun!! It was great talking to you guys on Skype the other day. It was def. the hightlight of my weekend!


  2. Posted by Pam on August 26, 2010 at 3:17 am

    Beautiful pictures once again! Your blog makes me wish I had seen Nuremburg during our Germany visit. Maybe I will get there some day. Keep up the great posts!


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