Exploring Germany on Bike

Today was a beautiful Sunday–high 60’s, bright sunshine, slight breeze.  We had planned to try our hand at Geocaching today, but unfortunately Russ was up during the night with a stomach bug.  After getting him settled in the morning with OJ, crackers, and lots of blankets, I decided that I needed to get out to enjoy the day a little.  

Russ had his bike shipped over to Germany, so I decided to give riding a go.   When I first got on the bike I had to laugh a little bit at myself.  I was a little wobbly; it had been quite awhile, sadly, since I’d been on a decent bike ride.  To begin, I took about a 20 minute tour of the local neighborhoods, testing my steadiness, the gears, and the brakes.  

After the neighborhood tour and my confidence grew, I decided to make my way out towards some other towns.  Along the way, I stopped and took some photos of the beautiful scenery.  The first place I rode was along the train tracks.  I saw two trains but didn’t get any pictures because they passed while I was riding (Sorry Dad L!).  

Bike Path


Along the train tracks


Bike Path


 I came across an old train station building and pumphouse  and rode right beside some really beautiful gardens.  

The obligatory picture of the pumphouse for my bedridden engineer



Beautiful Garden--the garden's owner was sunning himself on a lawn chair.


I rode out to Mergelstetten, a suburb of Heidenheim, and then about halfway to the next town over–Herbrechtingen.  I veered off course a little and rode among a small path in between cornfields.  There was also a flower nursery here so it was very beautiful.  The hills, weather, and corn reminded me of being on the Rail Trail in southern PA. 🙂 

I wanted to keep going, but I was afraid of overdoing it for my first time out in a long time (Let’s face it, my butt was already sore).  Plus, after an hour an a half, it was probably time to get back to my sick husband.  I felt slightly guilty for enjoying such a beautiful day while he was stuck in bed.  The good news is that we might get another bike so we can go on more of these adventures together.  🙂  Fall is a beautiful time to ride!  

Leaving Mergelstetten--5 Km to Herbrechtingen


Beautiful Scenery


More Beautiful Scenery


Blumen-Florist; it's hard to tell from the photo, but this is a whole field of Gladiolas


More flowers--the little path to the right is the bike lane where I was riding. It's so nice to have these all over Germany!!


And the Sunflowers!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Becky Gohn on September 5, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    I’m impressed. Ron and I have matching bikes, but I think 5 miles is the most I’ve ever ridden and you did more than that the first time out. WOW! Rusty and his family just moved into their house yesterday in Ely, England. Maybe some day you can get over there before you leave. We’re coming for three weeks at Christmas. Love the blog!


  2. Posted by Will Wible on September 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    Hey Biker Babe – looks like a nice bike trip. Please be careful when you are out exploring by yourself. Your loving and concerned Daddio.


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