A Few Days in Heidenheim with Kate

After we left Joe to his Photokina conference in Cologne on Sunday, we (Russ, Lauren, and Kate) drove back to spend a few days in Heidenheim.  Russ took the afternoon off on Monday so that we could show Kate around town and up to the castle.  We met for lunch at our favorite biergarten, Stattgarten, and enjoyed the delicious regional Käsespätzle (egg noodle/dumplings with cheese).  It was nice enough(the whole week!) to sit outside.

Kate at Stattgarten

The rest of the week Russ was working, so Lauren and Kate spent time shopping, exploring, and taking walks.

View from a Walk

The Castle Peeks Through the Trees


On Wednesday, Kate and Lauren took a train ride to Ulm.  Kate had been to Ulm before when she was visiting Rick and Sally in Germany, but the day was so cold and rainy that no one really felt like exploring the town.  Luckily we had a beautiful day–high 60’s and sunshine with a breeze.  It’s very easy to get around in Ulm, as well.  Everywhere you go, you can see the massive spires of the Ulm Cathedral, so you always know how to get back even without a map.  We were also lucky enough to visit Ulm on market day.

Ulmer Markt

The Ulm Cathedral

When we went inside the church, there was a small service going on, so we got to hear the beautiful sound of the organ fill the cathedral.  It was quite impressive!

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Same Window--Close Up

The Organ at the Back of the Cathedral

The Ulmer Cathedral

After seeing the cathedral, we found a great restaurant off the beaten path.   Big salads were the order of the day!

Lunch Time

We spent the afternoon walking along the river and through the Fisherman’s Quarters. 

Down to the River Through the Crooked Tower

The Crooked House

In the Spirit of All Things Crooked?

On Friday we drove to Stuttgart to meet up with Joe.  He was arriving by train, and the next day we were on our way to Barcelona!  More to come on those cities in future posts.
To see more photos of our trip to Ulm or our time around Heidenheim:

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  1. Posted by Irene on October 8, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I love hearing about your adventures with the ‘rents! Can’t wait to see the Barcelona post…


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