Freshly Pressed and Barcelona-part Dos!

Wow–what a week!  It was quite an honor and surprise to be chosen for Freshly Pressed!  For one day we felt utterly famous; many many thanks for all the thoughtful comments that we received.  We hope we’ve gained some new followers. 🙂

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Barcelona–Part 2!  Tibidabo and Collserola Park

On Saturday evening we planned to make our way up to the top of a mountain to get a great viewpoint of Barcelona.  We discovered Tibidabo as many tourists do…


Hey What's That Building at the Very Top of the Hill?? Let's Go There!

And so we began our trek to Tibidabo.  Our goal was to reach the highest part of the mountain (512 meters) where Tibidabo Amusement Park is located.  To get to Tibidabo proved to be quite complicated.  We first hopped on the subway system, then the light rail, then the cable car, and finally a funicular that escorted us to the top.  In the last 4 months, we’ve taken more public transportation than we have in our entire lives!!


Our Cable Car

I got to stand right up front with the driver which allowed me to see out to some beautiful Haciendas!

The Funicular Station

The Funicular

Take Me to Tibidabo!

We arrived at the top where the 360° view over Barcelona and to the Mediterranean Sea took our breath away!  We looked out over hills that were carpeted with green, mountains adorned with beautiful, ornate houses, and the city which is backed up by the sea.  Stunning!

Meditteranean Woodlands

Looking Toward the Sea

Fabra Observatory--100 Yrs. Old!

City View--Can You Find La Sagrada?


The view was impressive (though the haze of the day is obvious in the pictures), but there was more to be seen on the mountain.  What drew our attention here originally was the building that was framed against the sky, situated on the very top of Tibidabo–Church of the Sagrat Cor.

Church of the Sagrat Cor

While Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, the Church of the Sacred Heart, has no real architectural prestige, it was still beautiful.  On the top of the church stands Jesus with open arms.  He seems to watch over Barcelona, as the church can be seen from most vantage points in the city.

The Very Top of Sacred Heart

The Church

The Inside of Temple del Sagrat Cor

The oddest part of Tibidabo, for me, was the promiximity of the Tibidabo Amusement Park to Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor.  It was slightly disconcerting to me, as if a holy place had been tainted by the need to make money.  This juxtaposition had me particularly intrigued:

Holy Temple and....Ferris Wheel??

I’d probably feel differently if we had kids.  Take a look at some of these rides through and around the mountain, where I’m sure the view is equally spectacular!

Coaster on Tibidabo

Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Famous Airplace that "Flies" Out Over the City--Russ Thinks the Propeller Actually Functions!

 I let the church-and-play disparity go and enjoyed myself.  How could I not!  The view was simply amazing! 


One more post on Barcelona and our time by the sea coming soon.  Please remember to check out the rest of Russ’s Barcelona pics in the meantime:

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Moo on October 18, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    Didn’t see Waldo in any of those shots– or did I miss him? Many opportunities for him to be hiding…


  2. Posted by Irene on October 18, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    You don’t need kids at an amusement park when you have Joe 🙂 Did you go on the rides?


  3. Posted by Pam on October 18, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    You’re trying to get recognition again, aren’t you??? Beautiful photos and excellent text. I envy you!
    (and miss you, too!)


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