Prague–Day 3!

Sunday morning we had plans again to meet with Lucie at 9.  We had her for another 4 hours, and we were eager to see the parts of Prague that we missed on Saturday: Old and New Town and the Jewish Quarters.   

Lauren and Our Guide, Lucie, in Old Town Square

Walking in Old Town



Lauren and Russ


Lucie showed us around Old Town Square and taught us about some of the buildings which we had been admiring for the past several days.  The magnificent church that seems to be blockaded by the buildings…..

Church on Old Town Square

Well, the buildings were actually in existence before the church.  The church was built in between the buildings because that is “where there was space.” Parishioners  must go inside the first building to get into the cathedral.  Strange!

We saw Kafka’s birthplace, and the spot where Einstein, Kafka, and famous writer Max Boden used to meet for coffee.  We also saw the concert house where Mozart debuted “Don Giovanni.” 


Franz Kafka Statue

Don Giovanni!

We spent the majority of the morning in the Jewish Quarter, inside synagogues, and reflecting on the horrors of the persecution of the Jewish race for thousands of years.  In Prague in the centuries before WWII, Jews were already ousted several times and eventually subjected to living in ghettos.  Despite this, Prague had one of the largest Jewish populations in the world.  One synagogue in the Jewish quarter held a particularly moving display.  The names of each and every Jewish person killed during Hitler’s reign was painted onto the wall, and unfortunately the names filled almost every wall in the synagogue.  The synagogue, along with a visit in the oldest Jewish cemetery, was very moving.  However, we have no pictures from the experience. 

After the Jewish quarter, we made our way over the famous Charles Bridge, named for one of the most important leaders in Prague, Charles IV. The bridge was LOADED with people, but the view was nice.

Gate to Charles Bridge

The View from Charles Bridge

View From Charles Bridge to Castle Town

After seeing Charles Bridge, we had to bid adieu to Lucie.  She really was fantastic–friendly and incredibly knowledgeable!  I can honestly recommend to anyone visiting Prague!!

After leaving Lucie we found a great little place to eat lunch — Pizzeria Giovanni!

Russ and Lauren in front of Pizzeria Giovanni

The best part of our day was when we took the elevator to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower.  We had a fantastic view over Prague and saw the trumpeter bugling live! Daryl even conquered his fear of heights enough to enjoy looking over the edge of the tower and take some pictures!


Where we ate dinner the first night!

Daryl and the view from the tower

Lauren on the Tower

Old Town Square

Daryl and the Trumpeter

After descending we stopped at Starbucks for some afternoon coffee/hot chocolate.  We assumed alternate personas since Starbucks loves to write names on your coffee.


Jacob (Ya-Cub) and Birgita (Beer-gee-ta)

After a rest we had a fantastic French dinner at La Gare, a restaurant near the hotel.  It was a perfect way to end a really fabulous weekend.  Prague is a great city!! Many thanks to Uncle Daryl for a great visit.  Come again!


2 responses to this post.

  1. My love of Prague and it’s cafe’s compels me to make a suggestion for you guys if you are still in the area. Montmartre. It’s an amazing old literary cafe in Old Town. It’s on Řetězová 7. I’d also recommend getting the Medvonik (some really good honey cake).

    It’s a bit hard to locate in Old Town’s winding streets, but totally worth the effort!

    Enjoy Praha for me!



  2. Prague looks like such a lovely city! It’s on our top five must visit list.


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