Oui Oui, Paris!

Instead of staying in Heidenheim on the last Thursday of November, we headed to Paris to celebrate American Thanksgiving in a new way.  The City of Light welcomed us with a sparkling Eiffel Tower, and despite the cold and rain during the first evening, we trekked out to enjoy the view while enjoying crêpes.

The Eiffel Tower in the Rain

Happy to be in Paris!

That evening we headed to a nice French restaurant where we indulged in good French wine (when in France?),  salads with fried goat cheese, beef sirloin, and dessert.  We ordered iced nougat and chocolate mousse and were surprised to be presented with something different!  The waiter thought Lauren said “du jour,” so we ended up indulging in apple pie on Thanksgiving in Paris.  We thought it was perfect. 🙂

Turns out that November is a great time to visit Paris; tourists really stay away so life is more “local” than usual.  We were also able to get a hotel room with an Eiffel Tower view, so we enjoyed lying in bed and watching the tower sparkle.

The View of the Sparkling Tower from our Hotel Room

On Friday morning we grabbed some ham and cheese baguettes from a patisserie (yum!) and headed out to our first stop of the day, Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Cathedral

We’ve seen a lot of cathedrals so far in our time in Germany, but it was clear that this one was special, and not just because of its touristy reputation.  We enjoyed the paintings of biblical stories, the buttresses, and the strange presence of the statues of apostles climbing up the spire (who are apparently blessing the city of Paris).

Notre Dame

Notre Dame-Note the Green Apostles

Notre Dame--Buttresses

Notre Dame from the back

From Notre Dame, we visited the Deportation Memorial, a memorial in remembrance of the 200,000 French victims of the Holocaust.  No pictures, as they weren’t permitted, but imagine descending into a lit dungeon.  Inside the dungeon a barred window looks out to the sea, but you must bend to see out of the window.  One room held a long hallway lined with 200,000 lights, one for each of the victims, and an eternal flame of hope burning at the end.  The experience is, like many Holocaust memorials, disconcerting and moving at the same time.  After taking it all in, I felt grateful that I could climb the stairs out of the chamber.

Next we headed to the island of Ile St. Louis for a nice walk and look around.

Taking a Long Look at the Cathedral

and Russ!

We browsed some great boutiques and shops and enjoyed looking in windows like this one.


We had some lunch and then headed to our main event of the day: Musée du Louvre, Europe’s biggest and oldest museum.

The Louvre

Lauren in front of the famous pyramid

Looking up from inside

The Louvre was OVERWHELMING!  There is so much to see, and serious art fans could spend days there.  We ended up spending a lot of time in the Italian and French collections and then the Greek and Roman works, making sure to see the most famous “Mona Lisa” and “Venus de Milo.”

Inside the Louvre

What I enjoyed most was recognizing pieces of art and the artists, which didn’t happen all that often.  I was wishing that I had paid a bit more attention to the art history aspect of European History in high school. 😉  For me, the best aspect of the Louvre was the overwhelming architecture of the rooms and halls.  Like the picture above, the arches and marble were stunning, and sometimes I caught myself absorbed in the architecture of the building much more so than the art on the wall in front of me. I also loved to see so many school groups in the Louvre (call it the teacher in me).  In one group, kids around 10-12 were giving reports on a painting they had studied.  How cool is it to study a painting and then to go to the Louvre to give your report in front of it??!!?

Sculpture Hall


Mona Lisa--behind layers and layers of protection

Lauren in the Louvre

Artists lined up to sketch the statues

Venus de Milo aka Aphrodite

Love the Architecture!!

Russ in the Louvre

Good Night, Louvre

We LOVED getting to see so much of the Louvre.  It was truly a wonderful cultural experience.  However, after walking all morning and 6 hours in the Louvre, it was time to find some dinner and SIT!  We ended up eating a little Italian place near our hotel where we had some great wine and pizza (piled with fresh eggplant and veggies!).  And as typical for us, no matter where we go, we were given a free shot at the end of the meal.  We retired for the night and watched a glowing Eiffel Tower from the hotel. A great day in Paris and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Coming soon…Day 3 in Paris!

For more pictures of Day 1 & 2:



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Lauren

    Just to say that I love your blogs and its great to read about your european travels.

    I have been to Paris many times (I’m from the UK) and really love the city. But your pics and pithy descriptions really bring it to life and of course bring back fond memories.

    Best regards

    Tina x


  2. Posted by Mom on December 11, 2010 at 3:14 am

    Your blog makes me want to go back to Paris. It’s been so long that I know it will seem like a different place. I love your narrative!



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