2011–Home Sweet 2nd Home

After a fantastic 9 days home over Christmas and the New Year, we arrived back in Germany on January 3rd. I’ve been remiss in posting anything partly because we haven’t been up to much, (I’ve been working on my evil thesis), and it’s just sort of taken us this long to readjust to being back here and away once again from our family, friends, and comfy couches. We also needed some decompression time; we had a great time at home, but it was jam-packed with activities. Below are some of the highlights of our wonderful time at home over the holidays. Enjoy!

After 2 hours to Munich and an 8 hour plane ride, it would have been nice to just parachute down to York as we flew over. Alas the plane took us to D.C. and we still had a 3 hr. travel home

Christmas gift to us--from us!

A relaxing Christmas morning with Lauren's family, the dogs, and the beautiful Christmas tree

Making Kaiserschmarrn for both the Wibles and the LaBarcas! Yum!

Major and Maggie slept with us every night! We sacrificed our own comfort to have the puppy heat. 🙂

And when the bed was folded up, Major found his way close to me however he could. He is NOT a lap dog!

Russ got to see Major and Maggie romping outside in the fenced-in-yard for the first time.

The AWESOME framed print of Germany (with a heart on Heidenheim) that we received from cousin Cali. 🙂

We finally get to meet, cuddle, hold, and spend some private time with our nephew. (And we get to see his parents, too!)

I'm cute!

Uncle Russ

Christmas with the LaBarcas!!

We also loved getting to see all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. It was a fantastic, whirlwind trip home! The next couple of months will probably be pretty laid back for us here as I continue work on my thesis. We’re really looking forward to planning a big trip to Italy and to welcoming guests again come early spring. For now, we’ll keep you updated with our weekend trips and daily happenings. Welcome to 2011!

One response to this post.

  1. Hi Russ & Lauren
    A lovely family Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing
    Tina x


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