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Anniversary Wishes

Two years ago I married my best friend.  It started like this.


We met in college (my junior years, his sophomore) when I needed help on a math problem.  I went down the hall to meet with a few of the people that I knew to be engineers.  I mean, engineers certainly can help a poor-old literature major with one measly math problem, right?  When I arrived in the room, Russ, a friend-of-my-friend and also an engineer, was there visiting.  Soon, I had several engineers grouped around me, trying to figure out the problem.  It was one of those horrible “this train leaves from A, this one from B, but a fly flies at 3 mph and leaves at this time…” Russ stayed with me during the whole process of working out the problem, which as I recall, was actually drawn in typical engineering style on the whiteboard in their room!  I thanked them graciously and headed to class.

The next day, I once again had to visit Russ and the other engineers because after 1 hr of working on the problem, diagramming on a white board, and arguing…..THEIR ANSWER WAS WRONG!!! Ironically, the solution was so simple that we all had overlooked it.  But regardless, even if the answer was wrong, it was the start of something very right.

Oh, did I mention that I was his Resident Assistant and our relationship was technically forbidden?  We met in the spring of ’05 and for the rest of that year, kept our relationship under wraps (probably not as much as we thought).

Young faces in 2005

Bucknell homecoming 2007

We dated through my senior year of college and through Russ’s senior year.  We had a lot of fun together,  One Easter weekend, we went to visit his parents in Rochester, NY.

Found on an Easter egg hunt

engagement photo

the real engagement photo

  And then, on the most beautiful day in July 2009 (I know, I’m biased), we married on the campus where we met, at Bucknell University.

my beautiful bridesmaids

what a day!

One month after we were married, Russ brought home the news that his boss had asked him to go to Germany for about 1 1/2 yrs.  My first reaction was no, of course not.  We just got married, we have a house, we have these guys…


Maggie--pink belly after being spayed

But the more it sat on us, the more we knew we couldn’t turn the opportunity down.  Who gets to live in Europe for a year of their lives?? We were nervous, of course, about learning German, fitting in with the customs, and leaving our home and especially our doggies.  But, my parents graciously accepted the dogs into their home, built a fence, and now they don’t want to give them back!!

So since we’ve been married, we’ve celebrated our 2 anniversaries living abroad here in Germany.  But really, we’ve celebrated over the course of our year-and-some here, every time we had the opportunity to travel and explore a new place.

At the top of the Muenster Cathedral in Ulm, Germany

Hohenschwangau, Germany

in Berlin at the Reichstag

In Nuremberg, Germany

in Freiburg, Germany

in Stuttgart, Germany

in Barcelona, Spain

in Cologne, Germany

in Paris, France

in Prague, Czech Republic

in Dinklesbuhl, Germany

In Rothenburg, Germany

in Vienna, Austria

in Florence, Italy

in Pisa, Italy

Siena, Italy

Castle Gargonza, Italy

Orvieto, Italy

in Rome, Italy

by the Bodensee, Germany

in Wolfsburg, Germany

am Bodensee, Germany

Mainau Island, Germany

Munich, Germany

in Salzburg, Austria

in Amsterdam, Netherlands

in Santorini, Greece

and of course, in Heidenheim, Germany


These past 2 years have been utterly wonderful.  We have enjoyed every minute of each other, and our experiences abroad have taught us to respect and trust one another even more.  Russ, I love you, and I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring!  We have already experienced so much, and through it all, grown together.  Here’s to the start of another chapter in our lives!

Happy Anniversary!