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Besuch von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel bei Voith Hydro

Last Friday at work we had an exciting event in the afternoon – a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  She has been on an energy tour throughout the country for most of the month, and her last stop was to Voith Hydro’s R&D facility – where I work!  The tour was to promote the country’s renewable and alternative energy sectors: generation, research, development, and manufacturing.  

In addition to being given a tour of Voith Hydro’s laboratory test facility, Frau Dr. Merkel requested the opportunity to meet and chat with some engineers from our facility.  Knowing this, several of us were asked to participate, and I was honored to be included and be able to show off some of Voith’s international reach.  

The event was well orchestrated, and we had about seven minutes of group time, where Frau Dr. Merkel (that’s a physics degree, mind you) asked about the tools we use in our engineering work, and what types of degrees we had and where from.   

While I didn’t get to talk to her directly (either via her fluent English or my broken German), the whole event was still neat and fun, and I got to be in the group picture!   The visit was good for the company, good for hydro, and good for alternative energy production in general – and good for the leader of a country to show her ability to openly embrace reliable and clean energy sources.  

Image copyright Voith AG.


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