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Castello di Gargonza

Allow me to introduce Castello di Gargonza, our relaxing dwelling for 2 nights.

The Tower from a Distance

Entering the Grounds


Gargonza's Tower

Looking up through the garden/terrace

The Chapel Bells

The Chapel

Part of the Village

and the VIEW!

So after winding up curvy roads for about 15 minutes, you come upon Castello di Gargonza, a fortified village that literally dates back to the early 13th Century.  The castle has an interesting history, once functioning as a large 900 acre share-cropping farm for farm families.  The little village was completely sustainable and even had an olive oil mill, a parish, and a school!  The villagers eventually left Gargonza and in the 1900’s the Count who was bequeathed Castello di Gargonza converted it completely into apartments for short and long stays. Today, each of the apartments are named after a farming family who originally took residence in the village!


Like I said before, this beautiful village holds a very special place in the hearts of the LaBarca clan.  For several years during the summer, Russ’s grandparents traveled to Italy and stayed here at Gargonza.  They were there so often that I believe the owners actually called them “residents.”  In 1995 and 1997, Russ’s immediate family was lucky enough to join them for a couple weeks. Check it out.  And be sure to giggle at Russ.

In the Garden '95

In front of the tower '95


'97; Russ actually wanted to do this when we were there. I'm not sure he would have fit. 😉

Inside the Nerina Apartment '97

On top of the Tower

So as I’m sure you can tell, Russ had really fond memories of Gargonza.  We spent a lot of time there reminiscing and searching for old stomping grounds.

We found Fonte-Blanda, one of the apartments in which they stayed


and the window in Nerina which Russ and Irene would opposed to the door

We enjoyed fantastic, Tuscan cuisine at the restaurant on the premises–fresh pasta (they were all out of boar!), delicious antipastos, and really, really good wine.

Ristorante Torre di Gargonza

Ristorante di Torre Gargonza, Present Day

We ate at 7:30, too early for Italians


Lovely Tuscany

Handsome and Beautiful

We had such a fantastic time at Gargonza–for Russ, reliving the past.  For me, envisioning the future?  Perhaps we’ll be back someday. 🙂

Thanks to Kate for taking the time to send the pictures from ’95 and ’97.  To see more pictures from our stay at Gargonza:


Or to check out Gargonza’s website (where I got the information about its history):