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It’s hot.

Okay, so this is all relative.  The East Coasters, you had it pretty hot a couple of weeks ago.  And in Heidenheim we aren’t setting records like in Berlin.  Today’s high was about 90°F (or 32.2°C locally), and that’s pretty hot for this area.  But we’re finding out we miss air-conditioning.  Very little is air-conditioned here, or in Europe in general.  Not the bank, not the car dealer, not my (Russ’s) office building.  The only place I’ve found that is air-conditioned is the small waiting room at the auto-glass repair shop.  What does that say about their prices?

Now, I grew up without A/C at home.  In Rochester, it doesn’t get that hot (at least, historically) to really necessitate it.  So I can handle it.

But, I walk to work (and also carry my lunch); it’s about 15 minutes to the office, and while I’m in much better shape than when I arrived, I still work up a good sweat once I get to the building. 

Then, there’s my office itself.  I have been told by no fewer than 5 co-workers, some who do not even work in HDH, that my particular 4-man office room is the hottest in the building.  Reasons? 1) It has a black roof right outside the windows which radiates all day, because 2) it is on the NE side of the building so the sun shines on it all day long. 3) It has windows only on one wall, so there is no chance for cross-flow breezes.  And finally, 4) there are pipes running through its ceiling and walls which carry hot water for the heating system and the sinks.  So it’s constantly being heated.  Add in 4  computers and 4 people, and it’s like a heat transfer class final exam to figure out how hot the room gets before the paint starts peeling off the walls.  There have only been 3 or 4 days where we worked with the lights on.

But it’s all relative – my colleagues from India claim they don’t mind until it gets above 40°C.  But even if I’m sitting, in the (mostly) dark, windows open, and without a breeze, you can work up a good sweat.

My German colleagues are split.  Some wonder why they built this building (three years ago) without A/C.  Others tell me about freezing in the York office during the summer.

In the end, we just wash a lot of shirts more often, know that it won’t last for too long, spend more time at biergartens, and look forward to Oktober.  I’ll probably be the only one outside without a jacket. 😉

Yeah it's hot in the office.

A hot engineer at work.

PS: Maybe this will cool us down, as it’s bearing down right now.