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Exploring Germany on Bike

Today was a beautiful Sunday–high 60’s, bright sunshine, slight breeze.  We had planned to try our hand at Geocaching today, but unfortunately Russ was up during the night with a stomach bug.  After getting him settled in the morning with OJ, crackers, and lots of blankets, I decided that I needed to get out to enjoy the day a little.  

Russ had his bike shipped over to Germany, so I decided to give riding a go.   When I first got on the bike I had to laugh a little bit at myself.  I was a little wobbly; it had been quite awhile, sadly, since I’d been on a decent bike ride.  To begin, I took about a 20 minute tour of the local neighborhoods, testing my steadiness, the gears, and the brakes.  

After the neighborhood tour and my confidence grew, I decided to make my way out towards some other towns.  Along the way, I stopped and took some photos of the beautiful scenery.  The first place I rode was along the train tracks.  I saw two trains but didn’t get any pictures because they passed while I was riding (Sorry Dad L!).  

Bike Path


Along the train tracks


Bike Path


 I came across an old train station building and pumphouse  and rode right beside some really beautiful gardens.  

The obligatory picture of the pumphouse for my bedridden engineer



Beautiful Garden--the garden's owner was sunning himself on a lawn chair.


I rode out to Mergelstetten, a suburb of Heidenheim, and then about halfway to the next town over–Herbrechtingen.  I veered off course a little and rode among a small path in between cornfields.  There was also a flower nursery here so it was very beautiful.  The hills, weather, and corn reminded me of being on the Rail Trail in southern PA. 🙂 

I wanted to keep going, but I was afraid of overdoing it for my first time out in a long time (Let’s face it, my butt was already sore).  Plus, after an hour an a half, it was probably time to get back to my sick husband.  I felt slightly guilty for enjoying such a beautiful day while he was stuck in bed.  The good news is that we might get another bike so we can go on more of these adventures together.  🙂  Fall is a beautiful time to ride!  

Leaving Mergelstetten--5 Km to Herbrechtingen


Beautiful Scenery


More Beautiful Scenery


Blumen-Florist; it's hard to tell from the photo, but this is a whole field of Gladiolas


More flowers--the little path to the right is the bike lane where I was riding. It's so nice to have these all over Germany!!


And the Sunflowers!!