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Saturday in Ulm

Admittedly, we are a little behind on our blog updates.  We’ve had a busy week with Lauren’s parents coming to visit, and we’ll post more about that later. First, though, on the last Saturday in July we took the train down to Ulm, a bigger city south of Heidenheim.  We could have driven to Ulm (about 45 min. drive), but we hadn’t used the train system in Germany yet and felt that it was something we needed to try out.

The train station in Heidenheim is no problem.  You can buy tickets on the machine in English and there are only 3 tracks in the station so getting lost is hard to do.  In other words, come visit!

The main attraction which we were headed for in Ulm is das Ulmer Muenster, the tallest church in the world.

In the morning, the fresh market was set up all along the outside of the church.  It’s a place where locals can buy fresh produce, meats and cheeses and flowers.  We have a similar one in Heidenheim but not quite as massive.

After paying admittance, we began the 768 step journey to the top of the Muenster.  The steps were a tight spiral, very narrow.  There was a steady stream of people so that no one really stopped and took breaks on the way up; the constant spiraling was almost dizzying this way!  Occasionally people would bail and would try to walk down against the flow of traffic.  Those of us going up had to press ourselves against the walls so that the descenders could squeeze through.  It was quite interesting!!

Finally we reached the top (or so we thought).

Looking out over the city of Ulm

We then realized that this wasn’t quite the top when we looked up and saw this…

Staircase up the middle spireLooking up the spiral staircase to the top

This staircase was even narrower than the last, and the staircase was used for both going up and down.  Lauren opted to stay down and enjoy a rest and the view from her wide-open viewing platform.  Russ took the trek up and was quite squished even when he arrived at the top.  The viewing platform was so small and crowded that he didn’t even get to take a picture!

Resting and enjoying the view

On our way back down the 768 stairs, it turned 12 o’clock.  Anyone living in Germany knows what this means–church bells ring.  And they did!  The spiral tower that we used to get down went right by the giant, swinging bell in the bell tower.  It was so loud, echoing through the staircase, that Lauren plugged her ears!

When we arrived at the bottom, we took a look through the inside of the church.  It was beautiful and there was actually a wedding going on in the very front altar of the church.  No pictures out of respect for the church.  Here’s one last look at the church, though.

Looking up!

We then spent some time walking around Ulm.  Ulm is the birthplace of Albert Einstein, so we enjoyed seeking out statues dedicated to him,  and we even had lunch at the Einstein Cafe.  Here is the original Einstein fountain and Russ and Lauren’s individual take on it.

Einstein Fountain--it's a rocket

Einstein Cafe Menu

We ate outdoors at the Einstein Cafe (which actually featured burgers!) and enjoyed the breeze, the sun, and the atmosphere.

Lastly, we took a stroll along the Danube River and the Fishery section of the town, which was the most beautiful.

All in all, a beautiful day in Ulm!  To see more pictures of our visit to Ulm: